Internet Protocol Hacking

Hackers could assault your VoIP system in several ways, audio spam being one of them. There is also the danger of call hijacking in which the hacker would intercept a conversation that is being carried on over the VoIP and transfer that call to another person. The methods of wire phone tapping isn’t only limited t the traditional means of placing a cal. In fact, it is even easier to do on VoIP since the tapping could be done n the internet and not on the phone itself. Sending recordings of conversations done via VoIP has resulted to the dangers of voice phishing in which users are induced to give vital information to a person. Theft of sensitive information could also be done through spoofing the caller ID. People are made to believe that they are talking to someone they know and this would increase the chances of the hacker to squeeze out information from the other person. The simple act of shutting down one’s VoIP services may be detrimental to some especially if very important transactions are being carried out via VoIP. A last tactic that hackers may do is the most common on the web – spreading viruses.

Now that you are aware of the many dangers that you may encounter when using VoIP services, you have to know how you are going to ensure your safety while benefiting from the advantages of VoIP. First of all, you, being the user, must be very careful when using VoIP. Refrain from handing over vital information unless you are very confident that you are not giving it to persons who want to use you. Spam filters are as useful on VoIP as they are in our e-mails. For a more heightened security, users, especially big companies have opted to use advanced encryption. Limiting the people who could access and control the systems you use with your VoIP could also lessen the risks of hacking.

We must not be indifferent to the said hacking attacks that may come to our VoIP services. The perks of using VoIP might be countless but the hacking threats are present as well, so be sure to equip your VoIP services with the necessary measures to deter such threats.

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